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LaTex Thesauri - How To Set Up?


Documents can be typeset using the markup language known as LaTeX. It is particularly effective at rendering mathematical expressions and the overall layout attractive. At this point, the thesauri are still in the testing phase. They are focusing on narrowing down the number of proposals and minimizing the size of the document.

How To Set Up Thesauri In TexStudio?

A woman reading a book
A woman reading a book

Step 1: you will need to get the database files for the thesaurus in the language of your choice. Due to the fact that there are not many thesaurus databases available, this stage is likely to be the more challenging of the two.

TeXstudio recommends that you check out the following websites (both of these URLs are also clickable from within TeXstudio's options):

  • LibreOffice
  • OpenOffice

If you already have a database (a file ending in.dat), you can skip straight to the second step. If there isn't a database available in your language, do you have to make one yourself if there isn't one available?

Go ahead and download the file with the extension oxt. You should see a then US v2.dat file and a then US v2.idx file if you extract this .oxt file using Zip or another program of a similar nature.

Step 2: Move the.dat and .idx files to a place that is more easily accessible for you. We would suggest putting it in a folder within your TeXstudio folder that is labeled "thesaurus," if you choose to do so (for Windows)


You can try to find this directory in a hurry by following these steps:

Step 2a. Navigate to the following location under TeXstudio options:

Configure TeXstudio by going to Language Checking and clicking on the "Spell Check" section. From there, you can view the directory that contains your various spelling dictionaries (indicated by the longer red box).

This should, by default, link you to a dictionaries folder within the parent folder of your TeXstudio installation. The end result should be the .dat and .idx files being in a specified folder.

Step 3: The final step is to copy the directory of the thesaurus .dat file and put it into the Thesaurus Database entry in the TeXstudio settings.

Clicking on the icon and then navigating to the directory where the thesaurus files are located is a second, more expedient method. Select the.dat file, then click the "ok" button, and you are finished!

Step 4: If you have done everything in this step correctly, then you should be able to test it and see if it works. Right-clicking on the word that you wish to search the thesaurus for and obtaining a window that suddenly appears.

Ctrl+Shift+F8 is an alternate keyboard shortcut for this, and it opens the same thesaurus window for the word that your cursor is now positioned on. This shortcut is the one that is used by default.

Activate The Thesauri

  • Navigate to the following location: Options > Configure TexStudio > General.
  • You are now participating in a conversation that includes several areas, such as Appearance, Dictionaries, and so on. You can notice the field entitled "Thesaurus Database" under the section titled "Dictionaries." To get to the heart of the situation, you have to fill in that field with the complete directory path of the thesaurus file that ends with.dat (in this step you can ignore the .idx file).
  • For example, if you have installed the Danish thesaurus on the path /usr/share/mythes, you should write /usr/share/mythes/th da DK.dat in this space.

People Also Ask

What Is TeXstudio Used For?

TeXstudio is a LaTeX document authoring environment that combines writing and editing functions. Our objective is to make writing in LaTeX as uncomplicated and pleasant as humanly possible.

As a result, TeXstudio comes equipped with a plethora of capabilities, such as syntax highlighting, an integrated viewer, reference checking, and a variety of assistants.

How Do I Run A TeXstudio File?

Only.tex files can be run when TeXStudio is configured to do so by default (Options->Configure TeXStudio->Commands).

This is accomplished in the four commands (for LaTeX, PdfLaTeX, XeLaTeX, and LuaLaTeX) by using the special char%, for the name of the file, and. tex at the end of the command.

How Do I Remove A Word From A Dictionary In Latex?

The dictionary that you used to check your spelling should be kept in the same folder as the .ign file that you created. It is possible to locate the folder by going to the menu and selecting Options > Configure TexStudio > Language checking > Spelling dictionary directories.

After the ign file has been located, you will be able to edit it to remove the term that you inadvertently entered.


When using LaTeX, you only need to worry about the formatting a single time; after that, you can concentrate on the content. The use of thesauri in LaTeX will improve both the appearance of your papers and the amount of work you get done.

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