The spellchecking routine needs word lists. We have provided dictionaries for several languages thanks to the lexicons' authors. These resources are free, but not public domain, so if you want to use a word list for some language, please consult the author of the lexicon.

Polish extra large—main dictionary

The word list is based on the Polish Ispell dictionary version 2002-11-27 by Mirosław Prywata. The lexicon was expanded by us with several hundred thousand words. The original word list can by found at and is distributed under the GNU GPL license; in addition our word list is distributed under such a license.

British, American and Canadian English—main dictionaries

The English word list is taken from the SCOWL project. Therefore it is distributed under the same license as SCOWL.

The copyright notice of SCOWL says:

"The collective work is Copyright 2000 by Kevin Atkinson as well as any of the copyrights mentioned below:

Copyright 2001 by Kevin Atkinson

Permission to use, copy, modify, distribute and sell these word lists, the associated scripts, the output created from the scripts, and its documentation for any purpose is hereby granted without fee, provided that the above copyright notice appears in all copies and that both that copyright notice and this permission notice appear in supporting documentation. Kevin Atkinson makes no representations about the suitability of this array for any purpose. It is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty."

Please consult also the SCOWL.copyright file in the package for details.

Some previous LEd English dictionaries were based on the word lists from the Ispell project and were distributed under the GNU GPL license. Thanks to Geoff Kuenning for providing these word lists.

Russian large—main dictionary

The word list is based on the Russian Ispell dictionary by Alexander Lebedev. The original word list can by found at and is distributed under a special license (see the ftp site linked above for details).

The dictionary for LEd was produced by Alexey Zhlezov.

Tools and Libraries

Exe packer

The LEd executable file is small thanks to the Ultimate Packer for eXecutables.


Almost all component files of the LEd package are (or can be) compressed to save space. The ZLib library is used for compression of language resources.


The data stored in thesauri are compressed using the libbzip2 library.

Other resources

LaTeX Symbols

There are more than 2200 LaTeX symbols available on standard toolbars. The command names for these symbols are from the Comprehensive LATEX Symbol List. Thanks to Scott Pakin for his paper.

Hints for standard LaTeX commands.

The descriptive hints for standard LaTeX commands are written based on the LaTeX Help 1.6 by Stephen Gilmore and Torsten Martinsen. The resource file with descriptions of standard LaTeX commands is distrubuted under the same license as the original work.

Russian resources

All the Russian language resources were provided by Alexey Zhlezov. He is the copyright owner for the translation.

Italian resources

All the Italian language resources were provided by Riccardo Colamatteo. He is the copyright owner for the translation.

Greek dictionary and spelling correction rules

The Greek dictionary was created by Michael Nicolaou relating on the aspell dictionary. He also created Greek spelling correction rules.

German (Austrian) translation

The German (Austrian) translation was created by Andreas Voit. This translation is distributed under GNU GPL license.

Spanish filter

The Spanish filter was created by Mariano Rico Almodóvar. The filter converts:

  • accentuated vocals (upper and lower cases),
  • accentuated n (that is, ñ and Ñ),
  • opening question and admiration marks (¿, ¡),
  • opening double quotes (two characters ` will produce a opening double quote),

to the appropriate latex text. Therefore, you can store "pure latex" files in order to avoid problems sharing the .tex between operating systems and character encodings.


Several people served as our alpha and beta testers. We are grateful for many helpful comments on our work provided by: Sebastian Bachliński, Małgorzata Barczyk, Marcin Ciura, Daniel Delimata, Jarosław Francik, Katarzyna Francik, Iwona Góral, Marek Jaskula, Zbigniew Jerzak, Marek Kozlowski, Aleksandra Łazarczyk, Wojciech Mikanik, Agnieszka Nowak, Jacek Widuch, Bożena Wieczorek.

We are also especially grateful to:

  • Przemysław Gocyła for his support in the development of LEd,
  • Stanisław Wawrykiewicz and the entire Polish TeX Users Group for their suggestions for improvements and bug reports,
  • Alexey Zhlezov for Russian translation, bug reports, and suggestions for improvements,
  • Riccardo Colamatteo for Italian language resources,
  • David Pardue for proofreading LEd's Web page,
  • Olivier Devineau for French translation,
  • ... for a help in preparing Italian dictionary.